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A mid-life crisis photographer with an ailing mom falls for his intriguing mother-in-law, forcing him to choose between his distant young wife and a very taboo love.

A Family Affair is a new feature film project being developed by indie filmmaker, Tim Bartell.

A comedy-drama-romance, it’s a story about love, aging, and the inescapable nature of both. It takes on illicit love, sex, marriage, infidelity and family, sympathetically mixing drama with comedy found in unexpected places.

The script for A Family Affair was an Academy Nicholl Fellowships Quarterfinalist and won accolades from several other top screenwriting competitions. The script features four outstanding acting parts; the kind of coveted roles that attract name actors and are remembered come awards season.

We're excited to announce that KIRSTIE ALLEY will be playing the co-leading role of Olivia in A Family Affair! See the announcement here and here.
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